Roche v. Marshmallow Skins, Inc. (Cal. Sup. Ct., Los Angeles County)

In the inaugural case of J R Tyler Law, Mr. Tyler was able to obtain a complete victory for his clients after a two week jury trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court.  The plaintiff had sued Mr. Tyler’s clients Marshmallow Skins, Inc. dba Zipz Shoes and two of its founders and officers for the alleged breach of, and misrepresentations regarding, a written agreement to convey stock to plaintiff, and to employ the plaintiff as a strategic consultant with a salary commensurate with senior officers of the company.  The plaintiff had alleged damages of $4.7 million.  Zipz Shoes is the trademark name for a  patented,  interchangeable shoe system that has uppers that are fastened by zippers to the sole of the shoe.   In addition to the terms of the alleged stock purchase agreement, the trial dealt with issues concerning the due diligence for the contemplated acquisition, the financing for such an acquisition, the status of the patents for Zipz,  and compliance with the Securities Laws.

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After deliberating for an hour and a half, the jury returned 12-0 verdicts in favor of Mr. Tyler’s clients on all three of the plaintiff’s causes of action.  Mr. Tyler’s clients will also be awarded their attorneys fees in an amount to be determined via a motion for fees.